Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor heating installation is the perfect solution for those who are looking to make their home warmer and more welcoming. It also provides a professional appearance that you can’t get with other types of flooring. At Home Boilers, we have been installing underfloor heating systems for many decades in Nottingham. We use professional tools and materials, so your installation will always look tidy!

Benefits of Underfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor heating is a type of flooring that warms up from below. This means it’s always comfortable and never too hot or too cold, which can be useful for allergy sufferers who might need to use the same area on different days. It also makes your home feel warmer in general with no drafts!

The professional underfloor installation provides professional benefits such as professional appearance (no more visible cables!), flexibility (choose where you want an electrical outlet), safety (electrical hazard protection) and comfort (never get caught out by sudden rain storms again). We work quickly, so there will be minimal impact on your day-to-day life during installation. You won’t even know we’re there!

Tools we use for Underfloor Heating Installation

We can use professional tools such as a drill, tape measure, screwdriver, and pliers to ensure the professional installation goes smoothly. We’ll tidy up after ourselves too, so you don’t have anything to worry about. And if need be, our team is also experienced at laying flooring over your underfloor heating system-just let us know when booking the job!


The drill is used for drilling holes in the floor for pipes.

Tape measure

The tape measure is used to get accurate measurements of your room so that we can determine if it’s possible to install under-floor heating there, and also assists with planning which valves are needed where.


Pliers/cutters is perfect for cutting through and/or bending heated tubing, which is very flexible. We often use this tool when installing tubes on a tiled floor or other tricky to work with surfaces by using it to cut out holes where needed.

Screwdriver or drill gun

We use this tool when installing pipe fittings such as elbows, T’s, etc., which are needed at either end of a run of heated tubing before connecting them up to each other and attaching the necessary connectors. These are either screwed into place or drilled through using a professional drill bit depending on whichever method suits best! This ensures watertight joints that don’t leak-perfect!

Biscuit joiner

We also use professional biscuit joining equipment fitted with specially designed professional drill bits if necessary, depending on which suits best! A professional biscuit joiner will be used in conjunction with underfloor heating installation tools such as an electric saw, a vacuum cleaner etc., to cut joints between lengths of pipe that are laid parallel across each other at intervals of typically about 20cm apart. These pipes need joiners every so often, to add a professional touch.

The process we use for Underfloor Heating Installation

This is the professional process we use for underfloor heating installation:


We will assess your home or property to find out what sort of system would be best and how much it might cost.


This involves fitting pipes at an even depth in rows across a room, with junctions leading off from these. The joins are then sealed using professional-grade sealant tape.

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions our clients ask us about our boiler repair services.


What do I need to know about underfloor heating?

It is worth noting that professional installation of an underfloor system will cost more than a DIY job. It’s also important because there are two separate systems-hot water and central heating-which means you’ll likely have higher energy bills if your old boiler isn’t replaced with another fuel-efficient model.

How do you prepare a floor for underfloor heating?

An existing gas-fired or solid fuel heated house needs professional advice first, as this cannot work without some form of combustion appliance present on the premises. If you do not have an existing heating system, professional advice is needed to make sure the installation is compatible with your home and specific requirements.

Do you need a separate thermostat for underfloor heating?

No, we use our advanced flooring controller that has two-stage regulation, which means it can control hot water temperature as well as central heating. This ensures optimum comfort levels are maintained at all times without wasting energy or risking overpriced bills in winter months when cold temperatures aren’t favoured by most of us!

Does underfloor heating need its pump?

No, our system is powered by a boiler which heats the water and circulates it through pipes under the floorboards. The installer will have to drill some holes in your home’s flooring so that the pipework can be fitted. We use high-quality materials for installation work, including professional tools used for professional results.

Can you put underfloor heating in just one room?

Underfloor heating can be installed in just one room, but we recommend it for the whole property.