Gas Heating Installation

If you are looking for a professional gas heating installation in Nottingham, then look no further. Gas heaters might seem like a daunting purchase at first but they can be very cost-effective if installed correctly.

What is a gas heater?

Gas heaters are a great alternative to electric heating and offer many benefits. They provide efficient, low-carbon warmth which is usually cheaper than electricity for both installation and running costs.

Benefits of gas heating Installation

There are several reasons why you might want professional gas heating installers in Nottingham; it can be much easier installing them yourself or if you have an old system that needs replacing with a new one but the main benefit from our point of view is reduced call outs! We take care of all aspects – including everything from arranging your building regulations approval through to fixing pipe leaks so there’s no need for costly emergency calls out (although we still charge by the hour!)

The tools we use for repairing boilers

Adjustable Spanners

This tool is used for turning nuts and bolts to adjust the size of a hole.

Allen Keys

This is used for loosening or tightening screws, bolts, etc., such as when installing gas heating systems. Depending on its shape it can be called an L-key, T-key, hexagon key wrench – they’re all Allen wrenches! We have lots in our toolbox ready for any job that might come up during installation.


As professional installers we use this mainly at fault finding time – it’s quick and efficient which means that the customer gets their central heating back much sooner than if you were doing things without one! It’s also very handy for cutting out old pipes before fitting new ones – professional gas heating installers in Nottinghamshire need to be ready for anything!

Gas Meter Box Key

This is a small metal key with the letters ‘GMB’ on it, and we use this when fitting new meters or repairing faulty pipes that go into a meter box. It’s important because without one you can’t access the boxes containing your gas pipework from outside of your property – the professional gas installation will never get done if people don’t have the right tools at hand!


We use a range of different saws for professional gas heating installation, but the most commonly used is the hacksaw. This type of saw needs to be fitted with metal blades that are specifically designed for cutting through metals – professional gas installers need to have access to this to do their job!

Jointing Compound/Putty

A jointing compound, also known as putty, is used to seal the joints between pipes that professional gas installers have previously cut. This type of material can be bought in a variety of different colours and finishes depending on what we’re going for – a professional gas heating installation wouldn’t be complete without it!

The process we use for gas heating installation

The first step we take is to use professional gas heating installation software to assess the customer’s property. This is done by inputting details about the size of their home and how much energy they want to be saved each year, as well as any other relevant information that we need to give them quotes for all the professional gas installers services they require.

The next step would be to get a quote from one professional gas installer company – this will usually only take around 15 minutes because it’s more than likely that there’ll be no hidden costs or surprises when you find out what your new bill could look like!

After deciding on which professional gas heater has been chosen, we can start by nailing down some dates. Once these have been agreed upon, then our team will be able to do the installation.

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions our clients ask us about our boiler repair services.


How much does it cost to install a gas heating system?

The cost of installing a gas heating system will vary depending on the size of your home and how complicated it is to install a gas heating system – professional installation can sometimes be as little as £600, but often professional installations will cost closer to £2000.

How easy is it to install gas central heating?

Gas central heating should only take around half an hour for our team to get up and running.

How long does gas installation take?

The time taken for installing a new boiler could also depend on the type of boiler – some boilers like combi-boilers are much quicker than others; this would usually equate to a job taking between one day and two days at most. However, if other components need fixing or replacing then this could take a little longer – we have professional gas heating installers in Nottingham.

Which is cheaper: gas heat or electric?

Gas central heating can be more expensive to run than electricity, but it’s often the case that people find they’ll save money due to their high initial cost because of how much less fuel they use on average over time. It may also work out cheaper if you’re able to reclaim some cash through your energy company!